Meet the Team

The heathens behind AH*LE


Ari - Creator and Perpetual Child

I am the creator behind the game, and single-handedly do all aspects of production other than the graphics. Needless to say, I need a nap, but not until we give the campaign our best!

My hope is to create a fun competitive experience for all the other immature neanderthals like myself!

Clara - Artist and Tiny Home Enthusiast

Hello,  I am the one who draws the butts. Spending hours of the past year quarantined inside, creating visuals of assholes and their antics, has definitely left me a more cynical and jaded human being-- but otherwise this project has been a complete delight! I am so excited for it to hit the shelves, and I can’t wait to hear about the friendships it tears apart.


Liz - Support and Ice Cream Connoisseur

"Hey there! I am the AH*LE whisperer-- the one who lives with the Main AH*LE and has been a part of this journey on the side, throwing in my two cents here and there. I've been entrusted to help out with this campaign as I'm probably the next most knowledgeable person on the game after Ari and Clara. I'll be getting the good word out and answering your valued questions. The little Ausshole I'm holding is Pumpkin. We look forward to talking with you!"

Our Values


MDTIF is dedicated to diverse representation, in our workforce and designs.

We are an LGBTQI Business and AAPI Business.


MDTIF wants to set ethical standards in environmentally sustainable game production.

Our partners work to manufacture and deliver games with the environment in mind.


We print in the United States to support US Businesses.

Being a small business ourselves, we also want to support our retailer partners. Please contact us for inquiries!